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Teaching Opportunities with Harvard Professional Development Programs

PDP Instructor Lorne Rubis stands at the front of a classroom holding a remote.

Interested in becoming part of a teaching team that makes a difference in the careers of professionals through the knowledge transfer of critical leadership and management skills?

Harvard Professional Development Programs (PDP), part of the Division of Continuing Education portfolio, are focused on leadership development opportunities for working professionals. PDP’s programs (on-campus and online) bring together professionals from a wide variety of industries and backgrounds, primarily mid- to senior-level managers and directors who are able to draw on their work experience to effectively participate in program discussions and team exercises. Our offerings also attract top-level business professionals seeking to brush up on skills and learn new ones. 

Criteria for a PDP Instructor

Harvard PDP is looking for instructors who are experts in their field and have the ability to translate their expertise and passion for a topic into world-class learning experiences. A PDP instructor should:

  • Be engaging, have command of a classroom, clearly articulate concepts, and introduce effective learning activities
  • Create a dynamic learning environment through varied teaching methods and bringing appropriate technology into the classroom
  • Display a willingness to collaborate with the PDP team, to make program changes based on participant feedback and ratings

A current or former Harvard affiliation is preferred—whether through awarded degrees, teaching, or employment—although those with comparable backgrounds will be considered.

Proposal Submission Process

While PDP’s program offerings typically fall under categories such as leadership, management, communication, innovation, business strategy, and marketing, we are also interested in actionable, cutting-edge programs that are at the forefront of new ideas.

The PDP team will accept proposals for new open enrollment topics on a rolling basis. Potential instructors should provide a brief outline of their program ideas by completing the new program proposal form

Note: For approved programs, the development process can take up to one year from receipt of initial proposal to program delivery. 

For additional questions, please contact:

Jennifer Lau
Associate Director for Program Development