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Advanced Design Thinking: Making Ideas a Reality in a Complex Business Environment

Team members collaborate using advanced design thinking around a table with laptops, tablets, and coffee.

Learn how to bring innovative ideas to life through the hands-on application of Advanced Design Thinking theory.

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What You'll Learn

Advanced design thinking offers powerful tools for discovering innovative ideas that tap into deep, unmet needs. But getting customers to buy them—and colleagues to buy into them—can be a significant challenge.

In this hands-on workshop, you will confront a sequence of real-world business scenarios that will challenge you to progress from finding the right idea, to getting the idea right, to building the buy-in you’ll need to drive it through your organization and out into the world.

Moving beyond the basics of Design Thinking, this advanced offering will enable you to bring relevant business ideas closer to implementation by selecting and designing varied experimental methods and then iterating on your ideas. You’ll also practice collaborating with stakeholders in a real business setting, “selling in” the process to colleagues, and overcoming real organizational barriers.

We encourage you to bring to this unique program your own projects, as well as some of the business challenges you face. We will quickly roll up our sleeves and focus on real-world techniques and applications.

Program Benefits

  • Build on your fundamental understanding of Design Thinking through a series of project-based, hands-on activities framed by real-world scenarios
  • Refine and expand the skills, tools, and mindsets in your Design Thinking kit, particularly around testing ideas and bringing them to life
  • Learn how to navigate the challenges posed by working with teams and within the constraints of real companies
  • Gain practical know-how for bringing Design Thinking into your organization and overcoming predictable barriers to success
  • Earn a Certificate of Participation from the Harvard Division of Continuing Education

Topics Covered

  • Practicing a robust test-and-learn process for exploring and validating and advancing new ideas
  • Identifying and mapping advanced design tools and techniques onto the right situation to drive innovation
  • Synthesizing and communicating insights to drive evidence-based decision making and corporate buy-in
  • Identifying and navigating through organizational barriers to support and accelerate Design Thinking
  • Working effectively on teams to produce the best design result

Who Should Enroll

Managers and team leaders with some experience with Design Thinking who are ready to bring Design Thinking more deeply into their organizations and implement real-world, in-market experimentation.

Participants should be familiar with the basics of Design Thinking. This workshop will not review basic concepts; however, pre-readings will offer participants a chance to refresh their understanding. We recommend that participants seeking to better understand basic design thinking concepts consider enrolling in Design Thinking: Creating Better Customer Experiences.

Certificates of Leadership Excellence

The Certificates of Leadership Excellence (CLE) are designed for leaders with the desire to enhance their business acumen, challenge current thinking, and expand their leadership skills.

This program is one of several CLE qualifying programs. Register today and get started earning your certificate.

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