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LGBTQ+ Leadership Program: Leading with Pride

Make a change within your organization and propel your career forward.

  • Date

    July 15, 2024

  • Time

    8:30 AM – 4:30 PM EST

  • Length

    4 consecutive days

  • Format

    On Campus

  • Cost

    Programs fill quickly — free cancellation up to 14 days prior

  • Registration Deadline

    July 7, 2024

LGBTQ+ Leadership Program Overview

Leading with confidence and authenticity are essential qualities for LGBTQ+ professionals aiming to thrive as leaders and propel their organizations towards competitive advantage. Designed to elevate your leadership presence and empower you to contribute to the success of your organization most effectively, this program will equip you with leadership and management strategies that consider your entire self.

In this program, you will discover how to lead more fully, authentically, and effectively, in ways that align with your values and identity. You will gain skills to navigate complex organizational cultures and collaborate with global teams. Build the confidence to influence and negotiate while embodying inclusive, strategic, and authentic leadership. You will develop invaluable leadership strategies that fully embrace your unique LGBTQ+ journey, ensuring a holistic approach to your growth and development as a leader and best preparing you to drive organizational success.

Most importantly, you will engage and network with a global community of LGBTQ+ leaders with whom you can share ideas, experiences, and best practices — creating a powerful cohort of peers for ongoing growth and collaboration.

Through interactive lectures, practical exercises, insightful case studies, and engaging panel discussions, you will depart with a robust toolkit to elevate your leadership as an LGBTQ+ professional in your organization and beyond.

Who Should Register

This unique program is designed for high performing LGBTQ+ professionals ready to make a transformative impact within their organizations and propel their careers forward.

Tailored to meet the needs of ambitious mid- to senior-level managers with 5+ years of experience, this program is a catalyst for empowering you as a leader and developing the skills to lead strategically, foster inclusivity, drive exceptional business outcomes, and position yourself for advancement.

Participants may hold job titles such as:

  • Team lead
  • Manager
  • Assistant director
  • Director
  • Supervisor
  • Associate
  • Analyst
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LGBTQ+ Leaders: Download and edit this request letter to convince your supervisor that attending this program will make you a better leader for your team and your organization.

Benefits of  LGBTQ+ Leadership Program

This program is designed to help enhance your leadership presence and develop a personal brand that incorporates your LGBTQ+ identity. By participating, you can build your network of LGBTQ+ leaders and leverage mentorship and sponsorship opportunities.

Throughout the program, you will strengthen your multicultural fluency and acquire tools to work most effectively with global teams, improve your ability to negotiate with confidence, and develop a strategic thinking mindset to anticipate challenges while aligning with organizational goals.

After completing the program, you will feel confident in your ability to:

  • Navigate complex organizational structures and cultures while embracing an authentic leadership style.
  • Cultivate an inclusive workplace environment that accounts for diverse sexual orientations and gender identities.
  • Position yourself for advancement using strategies and skills acquired in the program.

Upon completion of the program, you will also earn a Certificate of Participation from the Harvard University Division of Continuing Education.

Course Curriculum

This LGBTQ+ leadership program helps you design a personalized action plan that outlines your leadership goals and implementation strategies for post-program success alongside a cohort of high potential peers.

Through the use of interactive lectures, practical exercises, insightful case studies, and engaging panel discussions, you will cover topics such as:

  • Cultivating authentic leadership
  • Honing your strategic thinking
  • Navigating organizational structures and cultures
  • Working with global teams and building multicultural fluency
  • Negotiation to drive positive outcomes
  • Personal branding and building your visibility
  • Inclusive leadership that encompasses sexual identity, gender identity, and allyship
  • Positioning yourself for advancement
  • Effective mentorship, sponsorship, and networking

July Schedule

July 10

  • Pre-Program Live Online Session, 12-1:30 pm with Shawn O’Connor

On-Campus Week: July 15-18

Day 1: Developing Your Leadership Brand

  • Challenges and Opportunities for LGBTQ+ Leaders
  • Building Your Visibility and Brand
  • Leading Authentically
  • Leading Inclusively

Day 2: Negotiating for Leadership Success

  • Navigating Organizational Contexts
  • Preparing for Negotiations
  • Conducting Negotiations

Day 3: Expanding Your Network

  • Mentorship and sponsorship opportunities
  • Seeking out development opportunities
  • Strategic networking
  • Panel discussion with local LGBTQ+ leaders

Day 4: Moving Forward as a Strategic Leader

  • Developing a strategic thinking mindset
  • Mapping out your action plan


  • Shawn O'Connor

    Shawn O’Connor

    Shawn has taught graduate business courses in management consulting, strategy, marketing, and business law at various universities, including Harvard where Shawn has won two Dean's Commendations for Distinguished Teaching Performance.
  • Andy Bandyopadhyay.

    Andy Bandyopadhyay

    Andy Bandyopadhyay is the founder and CEO of Attune Insights, a B2B SaaS platform that makes it easy for financial institutions to better align their products and services with the financial health needs of their clients. He teaches at the Berkeley Haas School of Business, where he challenges Silicon Valley founders to put people first, and is a science journalist focusing on LGBTQ2S+ issues.
  • Nancy Forsyth.

    Nancy L. Forsyth

    Nancy Forsyth is a leadership and talent consultant bringing over 30 years of experience in executive leadership, strategy, and leadership development. She has led or consulted on numerous business transformation and organizational change initiatives, and her consulting work focuses on organizational transformation, team development, and the intersection between strategy and talent management. Previous roles have included President of Allyn & Bacon publishing and President of Pearson’s Teacher Education.
  • Bob Bordone.

    Bob Bordone

    Robert. C Bordone (Bob) is an internationally recognized expert, author, speaker, and teacher in negotiation, conflict resolution, mediation, and facilitation. Currently a Senior Fellow at Harvard Law School and Founder and Principal of The Cambridge Negotiation Institute, he served on the full-time faculty at Harvard Law School for over two decades as the Thaddeus R. Beal Clinical Professor of Law, Director, and Founder of the Harvard Negotiation & Mediation Clinical Program.


What is LGBTQ+ leadership and why is it important?

LGBTQ+ leadership refers to non-heteronormative representation in influential roles, providing LGBTQ+ representation in managerial positions and inspiring younger generations. These leaders understand and can address unique LGBTQ+ challenges, contribute to diversity, and help break down societal prejudices. LGBTQ+ employees often lack role models who share their identity — in a 2021 McKinsey study, only about half of LGBTQ+ respondents said they saw people like themselves in management positions at their organizations. The visibility of LGBTQ+ leaders promotes acceptance, equality, and advocacy for LGBTQ+ rights, and can help create a more inclusive workplace.

How do I know if this LGBTQ+ Leadership Program is right for me?

LGBTQ+ Leadership Program: Leading with Pride may be right for you if you are an LGBTQ+ professional who wants to develop leadership skills based on your unique perspective as a member of the LGBTQ+ community to make a transformative impact within your organization.

How will this LGBTQ+ Leadership Program help me improve my career or company?

This program will help you design a personalized action plan and brand that incorporates your LGBTQ+ identity, outlines your leadership goals, and includes strategies for implementing that plan in your career. In addition, this program provides an opportunity to network with similarly minded LGBTQ+ leaders.

In addition to the personal benefits of participating in this program, your participation can have a direct impact on your company as well. Younger workers are looking for employers who foster an inclusive culture and there is a growing body of research that shows LGBTQ+ inclusion in the workplace among Fortune 500 companies attracted strong talent that was more actively engaged, which led to business success.