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Olivia Kang

  • Education

    PhD in Psychological & Brain Sciences, Dartmouth College

PDP Instructor Olivia Kang

Olivia Kang, PhD is a learning architect and neuroscientist. She was the founding Director of Learning and Design for Outsmarting Human Minds: A Project at Harvard University, a media series she built with Professor Mahzarin Banaji to teach about the science of implicit bias and decision-making. With support from Harvard University, PwC, KPMG, and P&G, Outsmarting Human Minds shines light on our mind’s blindspots through interactive tests, videos and other media, and explores ways we can outsmart our minds to make better decisions in life and at work.

Dr. Kang received her PhD in Psychological & Brain Sciences from Dartmouth College and her B.A. in Psychology from Princeton University. Her research investigates whether eyes truly are “windows to the soul”, using pupillometric measures of norepinephrine release to predict whether an individual is mind-wandering, who they truly connect with, what they find funny, and even what music they’re imagining. She has received several awards for her research and teaching. Currently, she is an instructor for Harvard’s Professional Development Programs and heads learning at the ed tech startup, Lucid.

Programs Olivia Teaches

Essential Management Skills for Emerging Leaders