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An example of agile leadership and project management: a whiteboard with colored post-it notes organized in rows such as Unprepared and To Do, indicating a project planning cycle.

Agile Leadership: Transforming Mindsets and Capabilities in Your Organization

Learn how you can harness the agile revolution to lead more flexible, innovative, and successful teams.

  • Date

    August 5, 2024

  • Time

    8:30 AM – 4:30 PM ET

  • Length

    3 consecutive days

  • Format

    On Campus

  • Cost


  • Registration Deadline

    July 28, 2024

What You'll Learn

In a world transformed by globalization, disruptive change, and 24×7 connectivity, agile leadership is more critical than ever. Leaders must move their organizations forward, more quickly than ever. Longer planning horizons are being replaced by rapid prototyping of products, services, and business models. In today’s highly complex environment, the imperative for speed-to-market skills and strategic agility are more pressing than ever.

This program offers practical, in-depth insights into the principles of agile leadership, and guides participants on how to adapt them to your organization. You will learn how to enhance your organization’s effectiveness and profitability by developing shorter project cycles with more frequent deliverables and product updates. You will explore the benefits—and challenges—of creating and empowering flexible and self-directed agile teams. Whether you are planning for wide-scale change or have specific targeted goals, becoming an agile leader will transform how you approach strategy, teamwork, collaboration, and leadership.

Program Benefits

  • Learn to apply an agile framework to develop and guide your teams through prototyping, assessing, and reprioritizing
  • Empower self-directed teams toward increased flexibility, cross-functional collaboration, and shorter project cycles
  • Develop leadership skills that will enhance your ability to simultaneously provide the support and the flexibility that agile teams require
  • Understand and promote the benefits of cross-functional collaboration across multiple project-based teams
  • Explore how to scale agile across your entire organization
  • Apply the best practices of leaders successfully working as change agents within the agile methodology
  • Earn a Certificate of Participation from the Harvard Division of Continuing Education

Topics Covered

  • Terms, tools and techniques of agile management
  • Structure and management of agile teams
  • Managing rapid iteration project cycles
  • The agile corporation and its C-suite
  • Leading in environments of constant change

Who Should Enroll

The program is targeted at leaders with at least five years of leadership experience in both the corporate and the non-for-profit sectors. C-suite executives, senior directors, team leaders, leaders in customer-facing and internal functions, process coaches, and others will all encounter new ideas for enabling innovation, transformation, and long-term performance.

August Schedule

Day 1

  • Understanding Agile
  • Leading Agile Teams

Day 2

  • Building the Agile Organization
  • Change Agents

Day 3

  • Strategic Agility
  • Becoming an Agile Leader


  • David McIntosh.

    David McIntosh

    David is the founder and president of Creative Business Breakthroughs, where he designs and leads strategic planning sessions and management development programs for businesses and nonprofits. He earned his MBA and AB from Harvard University.

Certificates of Leadership Excellence

The Certificates of Leadership Excellence (CLE) are designed for leaders with the desire to enhance their business acumen, challenge current thinking, and expand their leadership skills.

This program is one of several CLE qualifying programs. Register today and get started earning your certificate.

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