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Design Thinking: Creating Better Customer Experiences

  • Date

    November 6, 2023

  • Time

    8:30 AM – 4:30 PM ET

  • Length

    2 consecutive days

  • Format

    On Campus

  • Cost


  • Registration Deadline

    October 29, 2023

People engage in a brainstorming exercise with sticky-notes on a clear wall.

Learn how the principles of design thinking can help fuel the success of your organization.

Overview of Design Thinking Training: Creating Better Customer Experiences

Customer experience is the key to success in nearly every type of institution, organization, and business. of nearly every business, whether in public, private, or nonprofit sectors. An important tool to deliver a unique customer experience and fueling future growth is design thinking training. Design thinking helps managers solve tomorrow’s user problems, using human-centered design. Design thinking training is highly valuable to solving tomorrow’s user problems, fueling growth, and delivering a unique customer experience using human-centered design.

This design thinking course provides team leaders and management with practical tools for applying design thinking principles within their organizations. Participants will learn how to identify hidden customer needs and improve the customer experience through user research, journey mapping, and rapid prototyping.

Note: For online sessions, all program content will be delivered live and will not be recorded.

Who Should Register

This design thinking program is ideal for professionals seeking to drive innovation and improve customer experiences through design thinking, leverage user-centered approaches to solve problems, and bring design thinking back into their organizations. Those who are new to design thinking or with less than 2 years of work experience will find this offering particularly beneficial.

Design thinking is crucial to a diverse range of industries and careers, including strategists, design researchers, user experience designers, product designers, marketers, and brand experience designers.


This program offers the fundamentals of design thinking and how it can create memorable customer and employee experiences. Participants will learn how to solve complex challenges using proven design thinking frameworks, combine design thinking processes with analytical tools, and improve collaboration across multiple functions and departments.

You will complete the course with a better understanding of approaches to building design thinking into your organization with the goal of changing the culture and future outcomes.
All participants earn a Certificate of Participation from the Harvard University Division of Continuing Education.


Design thinking is all about tackling problems through processes and this program will guide you through steps you need to level up this important skill set.

The curriculum includes the signature “learn-design-test-model” of the design thinking process, how to map customers and identify opportunities, generating and prioritizing new ideas, and designing prototypes.


Design Thinking: Creating Better Customer Experiences has two format options:

  • On campus: a two-day program in our state-of-the-art classroom space in the heart of historic Harvard University. Program tuition for on campus is $2,895 plus the cost of travel for on-campus programs.
  • Online: meets for 3.5 hours one day per week for 4 weeks. Tuition for the online program is $2,600.


What is design thinking and why is it important?

Design thinking is the set of principles and procedures used in the process of designing, which includes identifying problems and taking both creative and practical approaches to solving them.

Ongoing innovation is critical to sustained growth and positively differentiated customer experiences. The methods and techniques of design thinking are user-centered and through journey mapping, designers can distill findings, prioritize needs, and create a holistic experience.

How will this design thinking training program help me advance in my career?

This hands-on workshop gives professionals practical tools for applying a versatile four-step design thinking process within their organizations. You will learn how to identify hidden customer needs and improve the customer experience through interviews, journey mapping, and prototyping. This design thinking course will also offer creative solutions to overcoming organizational barriers during the adoption of design thinking.

What skills or experience is needed before enrolling in this training?

Professionals interested in improving customer experiences and integrating design thinking into their companies and businesses will gain value from this design thinking course. The design thinking program is also recommended for early career professionals with less than two years of experience.

November Schedule

Day 1
• Design Thinking Process: Learn-Design-Test-Model

• Mapping the Customer and Identifying Opportunities

Day 2
• Ideation and Prioritizing Ideas

• Designing Prototypes

*This schedule is subject to change.


  • Jon Campbell

    Jon Campbell

    Jon has led client engagements with a breadth of organizations from startups to Fortune 50 companies, including UnitedHealthcare, Pepsico, Sun Life Financial, and the City of Boston. He leads experience and service design for Continuum, a global innovation design consultancy.
  • Prajaka Kulkarni

    Prajakta Kulkarni

    With over 10 years of innovation consulting experience, Prajakta has worked with clients from various industries including financial services, mobility, non-profit, medical devices, and consumer packaged goods (CPG).