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Product Management Online Course: From Design to Launch

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Learn the important business skills you need to be an effective product manager and build, launch, and grow successful products.

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Overview of Product Management Online Course

Product management professionals are one of the most influential and highest paid functions in an organization today. The growing importance of data in decision-making, an increased focus on customers and design, and evolving market dynamics demand the need for product managers and digital product managers who can drive product vision and business growth. 

Businesses recognize that product managers are critical to delivering a deep understanding of what their customers need,  while continuing to innovate for future customer growth. Without strong product management, businesses risk missing opportunities to satisfy their customers and attract new ones.  

This product management course will teach you the important skills you need to be an effective product manager and build, launch, and grow successful products or digital products. You will learn how to assess customer pain points, design a compelling product vision, market products, leverage product analytics, and work effectively with your cross functional stakeholders, including engineers, UX teams, and senior leadership. 

You’ll engage in group exercises and case discussions to help you build an action plan to apply immediately to your next product for a successful result.

Who Should Enroll

This Product Management course is ideal for a range of product owners and aspiring product managers. Whether you are interested in transitioning into a Product Management role or are looking to deepen your understanding of the discipline, this course will teach you how to work closely with customers, identify pain points, develop product visions, and improve your analytical skills. 

This course offers new Product Managers with less than 2 years of experience foundational training in the Product Manager discipline. It also offers technology entrepreneurs analytical skills to help set their company up for greater market success.

Course Benefits 

Product Management is all about improving both soft and hard skills to produce results. This product management training will help participants: 

  • Discover how to empathize with customers, identify their pain points, and prioritize accordingly
  • Learn how to build and communicate a compelling product vision and product roadmap
  • Develop cross functional collaboration skills necessary to motivate and align stakeholders toward product success
  •  Understand go-to-market strategies to accelerate customer adoption of your product at any growth stage 
  •  Learn how to utilize KPIs (such as funnel conversion rates and marketing channel ROI) to guide the product management process and achieve product goals

Upon completion, you will earn a Certificate of Participation from the Harvard Division of Continuing Education.


A wide range of topics and activities will be covered during this online product management course.

The following learning objectives will be combined with interactive sessions like breakout groups and case analysis, so you get the most out of our product management program:

  • Understanding your customers and identifying their needs 
  • Setting a product vision
  • Creating goals and objectives and key results 
  • Utilizing product analytics
  • Building an effective product roadmap 
  • Taking products to market 
  • Identifying inbound and outbound product marketing strategies 
  • Developing and testing product design deliverables 
  • Working with cross functional stakeholders


Program tuition for Product Management: From Design to Launch is $2,600. Each session meets online for 3.5 hours one day per week for 4 weeks.


What is product management and why is it important to learn this skill?

Product Management is an organizational function that guides each step of a product’s life cycle from start to finish. Product management focuses on the product itself and its customers and are experts in liaising between their organization and market needs. 

Product Management is key to designing better products and achieving higher performance.

How will this product management course help me advance in my career?

This Product Management course offers the knowledge you need to work closely with customers, collaborate across multiple stakeholders, and understand market strategies. 

Becoming a more skilled Product Manager will increase your efficiency and insight in the field and make you a more attractive candidate for future career opportunities.

What skills or experience is needed before learning product management?

This Product Management course is recommended for professionals with less than 2 years of Product Management experience, those looking to transition into a Product Management job, or for those who are already product owners or entrepreneurs.