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Real estate investments: a row of new apartment buildings on a tree-lined street.

Real Estate Investments: Assets, Markets, and Current Trends, 2-day Session

Master the fundamentals and practicalities of real estate investing.

Overview of Our Real Estate Investment Course

Valued at more than $230 trillion, real estate investments are the world’s largest asset class and one of the most entrepreneurial fields. Because of its size, real estate investing offers a broad variety of opportunities to enter, explore, and grow within the industry.

This highly interactive real estate investing course will immerse participants in the fundamental characteristics of real estate assets and entrepreneurship. You will learn the nuts and bolts of real estate investment and finance, practice conducting real estate market analysis, develop high-level investment strategies, and explore strategies to raise capital.

This program will prepare you to identify critical current trends in real estate markets and to seize upon transformative opportunities emerging in the real estate industry.

Who Should Register For Real Estate Investments?

This real estate investing course is designed for those who are getting their start in real estate entrepreneurship or those who are already in the field and are interested in accelerating their investment careers.

The course will give you practical, hands-on experience to expand your knowledge on a variety of topics within real estate investment, from creating financial models to measuring returns on investments.

Benefits of Our Real Estate Investment Course

This training program will provide you with a robust and thorough outlook on the current state of real estate investment. The material will cover how to:

  • Master the real estate investment landscape: the properties, the players, and the markets.
  • Identify key market segments and develop investment strategies.
  • Perform financial analysis of investment properties and learn about financial partnerships for raising capital through syndication and private equity models.
  • Explore innovations in real estate including Single Family Home (SFH) investing, PropTech, and the rise of autonomous vehicles.
  • Discover how artificial intelligence and machine learning are revolutionizing cities and real estate markets.
  • Earn a Certificate of Participation from the Harvard Division of Continuing Education.


Our real estate investment course aims to provide participants with the knowledge and skills to succeed in the field. The curriculum centers on:

  • Key market segments and real estate investment strategies
  • The real estate market cycle
  • Financial analysis of property investments including taxation of real estate income
  • Market analysis, such as forecasting changes in supply and demand
  • Raising capital via joint ventures and financial partnerships
  • Recent innovations, including artificial intelligence, PropTech, autonomous vehicles, and more

These topics will prepare participants to master the fundamentals and practicalities of real estate investing.


The cost for a two-day, on-campus program is $2,990.


What Will This Real Estate Investment Course Teach?

This real estate investment course will teach participants the essentials of the industry, how to anticipate important trends, and how to perform relevant financial analysis. It will go over the fundamentals of real estate investment such as properties, capital markets, important industry players, and the external factors that influence the field.

How Long Does Real Estate Investments: Assets, Markets, and Current Trends Last?

This course runs for two consecutive days.

How Will Taking a Real Estate Investment Course Help Me in My Career?

Professional development is an important aspect of continuing your career growth and striving to reach your goals. This real estate investment course will help to keep your skills sharp while learning new ones. It also offers the opportunity to network with other real estate entrepreneurs. Additionally, a well-qualified employee attracts employer attention and can boost your earning potential.

This course will improve your knowledge in making decisions, mitigating risks, and improving the performance of your portfolio.

Read our blog post for more information on how a professional development program like this one can benefit you.

What Skills or Experience Is Needed Before Taking This Real Estate Investing Class?

This course is for those who are interested in learning the fundamentals of real estate investment, as well as for those who are already in the industry and want to keep their skills up to date. Participants seeking to transition from peripheral involvement into direct real estate investment will gain an enriched perspective from this course as it covers both the basics and more in-depth knowledge.