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Brand strategy. A man looks down at a table with a pair of glasses, a cup of coffee, and a blank book where he's written brand strategy, opportunity, and strength.

Brand Revitalization: A Comprehensive Brand Strategy Course

Develop a brand strategy to harness your brand’s core purpose, help it stay fresh, and ensure customer loyalty.

  • Date

    August 5, 2024

  • Time

    8:30 AM – 4:30 PM ET

  • Length

    2 consecutive days

  • Format

    On Campus

  • Cost


  • Registration Deadline

    July 28, 2024

Overview of Brand Revitalization: A Comprehensive Brand Strategy Course

Brands are living, breathing entities that must evolve to keep up with the quickly changing business environment. While brand strategy includes many elements that we have seen in traditional marketing, it has been complicated by challenges in society, a fragmented media landscape, increased polarization, and the consumers’ demand for social action.

With 78 percent of Millennial and Gen Z consumers wanting brands to take a stand on social issues, brand strategists and their companies need to think differently about the power of their brand to represent both the product and the consumer.

This brand strategy course will provide the frameworks and tools for companies to revitalize their brands so they can rise to these challenges and thrive within this ecosystem. Central to this approach is the development of brand meaning: the recognition that brands, now more than ever, must be deeply integrated into the minds and lives of their consumers.

Through a combination of case discussions, interactive exercises, and real-world scenario planning, you will learn brand strategy by developing the foundations for a lasting and successful brand.

Ultimately, you will be equipped with the knowledge, perspective, and specific tools to revitalize your brand and enhance brand awareness.

Who Should Register for this Brand Strategy Course

This program is ideal for mid- to senior-level professionals with a minimum of 5 years of professional experience who have an interest in the connection between brands and societal trends.

Participants may hold jobs such as:

  • Marketing manager
  • Marketing director
  • Product manager
  • Brand manager
  • Brand strategist

Brand Strategy Course Benefits

This program offers insights into understanding, developing, and fully harnessing your brand’s core purpose to help you create an enduring bond with your target consumer. You will learn how to develop the tactical toolkit necessary to meaningfully integrate your brand into the minds and lives of your target audience.

After completing the program, you will feel confident in your ability to:

  • Developing a lasting brand amid the changing social context in which your brand operates, including a fragmented media landscape.
  • Apply frameworks and tools in order to revitalize your organization’s brand strategy.
  • Leverage key insights from social psychology to design an effective, humanistic brand loyalty strategy.

You will also earn a Certificate of Participation from the Harvard University Division of Continuing Education.


Meeting on campus for two consecutive days, this brand strategy course covers a wide range of topics that provide you with an overview of how to understand and establish brand meaning and harness brand purpose.

Through the use of case discussions, interactive exercises, and real-world scenario planning, you will cover topics such as:

  • Identifying and addressing key issues impacting the brand in a new environment.
  • Building successful brands to be meaningful in a new social context.
  • Social identity of the consumers and brands.
  • Brand communication in a fragmented media landscape.
  • Shifting and maintaining brand loyalty by leveraging social psychology.
  • Contending with brand activism and social aspirations.


This brand strategy course is offered as a two-day on-campus program in our state-of-the-art classroom space in the heart of historic Harvard University. Program tuition is $2,990.

August Schedule

Day 1

  • Social Forces that Impact Brands
  • Developing Brand Meaning and Purpose
  • Warmth – Competence Model

Day 2

  • Developing a Brand Communications Strategy
  • Developing Brand Loyalty
  • Brand Activism
  • Future-Proofing Your Brand in Uncertain Times


  • PDP Instructor Tessa Misiaszek

    Tessa Misiaszek

    Tessa is the Head of Research with the Korn Ferry Institute. She is also an Instructor with Harvard Division of Continuing Education and is the cofounder of the Happy at Work podcast. She also taught in the Simmons School of Management and Hult International Business School for several years.
  • PDP Instructor Matt Johnson

    Matt Johnson

    Matt Johnson is a Harvard Professional & Executive Development programs instructor, a best-selling author, and a strategic advisor to both start-ups and large brands in his native Bay Area; he recently served as an expert-in-residence for Nike in Portland, Oregon. He received his PhD in cognitive psychology from Princeton University.


What is brand revitalization and why is it important?

Brand revitalization is the process of rejuvenating and reinvigorating a brand that may have lost its appeal, relevance, or market share. This process is important because it can help bolster a brand’s competitiveness, align the brand with shifting consumer preferences, or help it recover from declining sales or a negative brand image — ultimately ensuring the brand’s long-term success in a dynamic marketplace.

How do I know if this brand strategy course is right for me?

Brand Revitalization: A Comprehensive Brand Strategy Course may be right for you if you work in or are looking to move into marketing or brand management, operate in an industry prone to market fluctuations, or are interested in the connection between brands and societal trends.

How will this brand strategy program help me improve my career or company?

This brand strategy program can help elevate your career by giving you the knowledge to manage your brand in a changing business landscape, helping to make you an asset to your team. For your company, this course can help you understand how to increase customer loyalty and grow while adapting to market changes.