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Marketing Analytics Online Course: Strategies for Driving Business Results

Gain a deeper understanding of marketing analytics used in making strategic decisions across key functions.

  • Date

    June 7, 2024

  • Time

    11:00 AM – 2:30 PM ET

  • Length

    4 consecutive Fridays

  • Format


  • Cost


  • Registration Deadline

    May 30, 2024

Marketing Analytics Online Course Overview

The global market for marketing analytics is projected to grow by more than $3 billion during the next few years, especially as organizations face mounting pressure to drive digital marketing results. Business leaders who understand and quickly use data to make strategic business decisions about products, pricing, and their target market will succeed in keeping their products or services competitive.

This marketing data analytics course is designed to provide leaders with a deep understanding of marketing metrics used to make strategic decisions across product management, brand awareness, advertising, communications, and other key functions.

In this program you will gain strategies to better understand your customers, to measure marketing ROI, and to optimize marketing spend. You will learn about the impact of Blockchain, artificial intelligence, and other emerging technologies on the industry, and the changing regulatory landscape around the use of consumer data that impacts companies.

Through hands-on activities, data simulations, case studies, and guest speakers, participants in this marketing analytics course will gain a high-level, practical understanding of marketing analytics to become savvy data-driven leaders.

Who Should Take a Marketing Analytics Course?

This marketing analytics course is for business leaders with responsibility for understanding key drivers of growth within their organizations. Directors, VPs, and C-suite leaders who wish to learn how to use marketing data to drive business results will benefit from this course.

This program will also be beneficial to marketing professionals and market researchers who want to understand marketing metrics, how to apply them in real-world situations, and to understand emerging data-driven concepts.

It is recommended that participants have some foundational knowledge of marketing to fully engage in the program.

Benefits of a Marketing Analytics Course

This marketing analytics course will guide you in developing a roadmap to understand who your customers are, what they want from your product, and where to focus your growth strategy.

This online course aims to help participants:

  • Develop a greater understanding of marketing analytics to strengthen your business decision making
  • Build confidence in using consumer data to make decisions regarding product R&D, pricing, and promotional strategy
  • Understand the impact of data-driven technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence on marketing
  • Employ an ethical approach with consumer data in context of complex data privacy initiatives
  • Understand how to position a brand for growth using marketing data
  • Use data to tell a story to shareholders, upper management, customers, and employees
  • Apply marketing mix models, customer lifetime value, and attribution modeling in a business context
  • Explore how blockchain can be used to grow sales and improve customer satisfaction

Upon completion, you will earn a Certificate of Participation from the Harvard Division of Continuing Education.


This marketing analytics program is designed to cover multiple learning objectives through interactive class sessions, case analysis, and small group exercises, so you get the most out of the program.

Specifically, the program curriculum will focus on:

  • Learning key marketing metrics that all leaders should know, from return on ad spend to conversions.
  • Understanding markets with Data
  • Exploring data ethics in the context of consumer privacy
  • Discussing new developments in AI, predictive analytics, and machine learning
  • Communicating marketing metrics to stakeholders
  • Identifying three key frameworks for leading change using marketing metrics within organizations of all sizes
  • Marketing mix modeling and multi-touch attribution
  • Use data for brand positioning
  • Manage Customer Lifetime Value


Program tuition for Marketing Analytics: Strategies for Driving Business Results is $2,750. Each session meets online for 3.5 hours one day per week for 4 weeks.


What is marketing analytics and why is it important to learn this skill?

Marketing analytics is the study of data to evaluate the performance of a given marketing activity.

It is an important skill that helps businesses to understand what drives consumer actions and to improve their marketing campaigns for an increased return on investment. From marketing privacy and ethics to understanding how to apply marketing metrics, marketing analytics is necessary to the success of organizations.

How will this marketing analytics course help me advance in my career?

Marketing analytics is a rapidly evolving field and trained professionals are in high demand. Keeping up with innovation in Big Data, Blockchain, predictive analytics, and marketing data ethics is a priority for many companies and organizations.

This course offers effective marketing strategies to guide business decisions in a non-technical, accessible way for enhanced results.

What skills or experience is needed before learning marketing analytics?

This course is recommended for business leaders and for those who have at least some background marketing knowledge.

June Schedule

Week 1

  • Key types of marketing metrics
  • Multidimensional models
  • Decision-making processes

Week 2

  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Blockchain marketing
  • Predictive analytics

Week 3

  • Marketing privacy and ethics

Week 4

  • Communicating with stakeholders
  • Key marketing metrics frameworks
  • Becoming a data-driven leader


  • Christina Inge.

    Christina Inge

    Christina is the founder of Thoughtlight, a Boston-based digital media agency serving mission-driven organizations, where she works to harness the power of digital media to serve communities, causes, and businesses. She is a highly rated instructor at the Harvard Division of Continuing Education where she won the Fussa Award for Teaching Excellence.