What separates good performers from great performers in the workplace? While IQ and technical savvy contribute to success, many studies have shown that strong emotional intelligence (EI) is what truly sets you apart. And unlike IQ, EI is something that you can improve with training.

If you’re curious about where you stand, we pulled together four of our favorite self-assessment tools. Try them out to gauge your own EI. We hope they’ll help you discover ways to increase your capacity for self awareness, empathy, and emotional regulation.

Psychology Today

146 questions • free

Why we like it: This magazine has been helping us understand what makes people “tick” for nearly 50 years. The test is comprehensive, asking questions in multiple ways to ensure accuracy of the assessment. It takes about 45 minutes to complete.
Take the Psychology Today Test

Mind Tools

15 questions • free

Why we like it: This one is quick and easy, but it’ll give you a baseline understanding of your EI.
Take Mind Tools Quiz

Institute for Health and Human Potential

17 questions • free

Why we like it: This research company is dedicated to helping organizations leverage the science of emotional intelligence. They understand a great deal about what it takes to perform under pressure. Our own instructors have used the institute’s materials in our programs.
Take the IHHP Quiz

Talent Smart

28 questions • $

Why we like it: If you’re really invested in developing your emotional intelligence, check out TalentSmart, cofounded by EI expert Travis Bradberry. The consulting firm offers numerous tools for individuals and organizations. They require a fee, but the online assessment tools can pinpoint strategies that will help to increase your EI.
TalentSmart’s EI Appraisal