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Women Leaders: Advancing Together, a 5-week Leadership Program

  • Date

    September 26, 2022

  • Length

    See program schedule

  • Format


  • Cost

    Rising Leaders: $6,295; Senior Leaders: $1,885

  • Registration Deadline

    September 19, 2022

Women leaders: A woman points to a glass wall with notes on it during a discussion with co-workers.

A leadership program for rising women leaders and senior managers to collaborate, mentor, and advance.

Women's Leadership Program Overview

Organizations thrive and out-perform their competitors when they have a strong pipeline of diverse talent from which to tap. Women Leaders: Advancing Together leadership program is designed to build that talent pipeline by helping rising women leaders be successful within their organization.

In this leadership development program, women leaders and their senior managers will develop critical skills to advance their careers, while working together to address the challenges facing rising women leaders.

Rising women leaders and senior managers will, as separate cohorts, develop and master key leadership skills they need for success. Together, they will explore how gender differences at work impact leadership strategies, managing teams, difficult conversations, negotiations, and office politics.

Who Should Attend this Women’s Leadership Training?

This unique program is designed for high-performing women leaders and their senior managers (of any gender) to attend together.

This program is designed to help women professionals develop the skills they need to move into leadership roles or advance their career in leadership. It is open to all women interested in management, but may be especially relevant for those with roles such as:

  • Lead
  • Team lead
  • Supervisor
  • Coordinator
  • Assistant manager
  • Manager

Program content for senior leaders will be appropriate for:

  • Senior manager
  • Director
  • Vice-president
  • C-Suite executive

Senior leaders attending as a pair should work closely with the woman leader in a management context. They should be in a position to mentor, guide, and potentially promote rising women leaders within their organizations.

Download and edit this request letter to convince your supervisor that attending this program will make you a better leader for your team and your organization.

While the program will be especially beneficial for those who attend as a pair or group, group attendance is not required. Solo participants will also gain significant benefits from the program content.

Learn more about our discount for group participation.

Benefits of this Women’s Leadership Program

Women Leaders: Advancing Together is a unique and intensive leadership program designed to promote the advancement of talented and motivated women into leadership roles. The program is focused on actionable takeaways that will enable leaders at all levels of an organization to empower your team, grow your organization, and advance your career.

Through small group discussions and exercises, you’ll master critical skills in key areas such as leadership style and brand, strategic thinking and problem-solving, and creating and leveraging perceptions, for example. By grounding the exercises in real-world challenges and solutions, you’ll find that you can apply the take-aways immediately when you return to the office.

Additionally, rising women leaders will enjoy access to individual career coaching after the program to work on implementing the career plan and addressing unforeseen challenges in implementing lessons learned once back in the office.


This intensive program involves a mix of highly interactive and engaging work sessions for each cohort (rising women leaders and senior leaders), as well as joint sessions and networking opportunities. 

For rising women leaders, session topics will include: 

  • Creating and promoting your leadership identity, brand, and style
  • Improving your communication, presentation, and negotiation skills
  • Enhancing visibility and self-promotion across your organization
  • Navigating organizational politics

For senior leaders, the program curriculum will focus on executive leadership skills and driving change at the top. Topic sessions will focus on:

  • Building credibility and inspiring others
  • Effectively identifying and managing broader strategic priorities
  • Sponsorship and mentoring
  • Identifying and creating opportunities for high-performing team members

In addition to networking opportunities, joint sessions for both rising leaders and senior leaders will enable all participants to work together to create inclusive workplace environments that will enable women leaders to succeed.

Download the complete program schedule for more detailed information on the program curriculum.

Program Schedule & Cost

Rising Leaders
Virtual module I
September 26-October 14, 2022
On-Campus Module
October 17-21, 2022
Virtual Module II
October 24-31, 2022
Program Cost for Rising Leaders: $6,295
Senior Leaders
Virtual module I
September 28-October 10, 2022
On-Campus Module
October 20-21, 2022 (arrival on 10/19)
Program Cost for Senior Leaders: $1,885


  • Pamela Rucker

    Pamela Rucker

    Pamela is a featured speaker at CIO events in the United States, Canada, and Europe. She brings over 25 years of experience helping executives to understand their business drivers. Pamela earned a master's degree from Harvard University.
  • Areen Shahbari

    Areen Shahbari

    Areen has over 15 years of corporate, business training, and consulting experience. She is the CEO of Shahbari Training & Consultancy, an instructor at Harvard University Extension School, and an entrepreneurship and leadership trainer at Babson Executive Education and Stanford University Center for Professional Development.
  • Headshot of PDP Instructor Jill Slye

    Jill Abruzese Slye

    Jill Slye has over 30 years of experience in business and teaches in multiple capacities across various schools at Harvard University. Her classes cover topics such as the fundamentals of public speaking and leadership communication. She is the founder of A Sounding Board, LLC, a global public speaking coaching company.
  • Laura Wilcox

    Laura Wilcox

    Laura has been in academia for over two decades at the intersection of business, innovation, and education at MIT, MIT Sloan, and Harvard. She is the Director of Management and Finance Programs at Harvard University's Division of Continuing Education.
  • Mary Finlay

    Mary Finlay

    Mary is a faculty member at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and brings 25 years of industry experience into her strategy and IT management classes. She also directs multiple executive education programs, including Leadership Development for Physicians in Academic Health Centers, and the Program for Chairs of Clinical Services.
  • PDP Instructor Jackie Campbell

    Jackie Glenn

    Jackie Glenn is the founder and CEO of Glenn Diversity Inclusion & HR Solutions, a diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) consulting practice that helps empower individuals, leaders, and corporations to foster equitable and inclusive spaces for all.


What is a Women’s Leadership Program?

A women’s leadership program is designed to help women learn the skills and develop the tools they need to advance into positions of responsibility, authority, and leadership. While some women’s leadership programs focus solely on women, this program takes a unique approach, by empowering both rising women leaders and senior leaders to create inclusive workplaces where women leaders can succeed and flourish.

Why Do Women Need Leadership Training?

Women today continue to face obstacles moving into leadership roles. According to research, women are 18 percent less likely to be promoted into early management positions. This gap widens up the management chain: women only hold 38 percent of management positions against men’s 62 percent.

This powerful leadership training program helps women recognize and overcome those barriers early on. The program empowers women with the skills they need to advance up the management chain, while helping senior leaders recognize, mentor, and advance high-performing women.

Why Do Women’s Leadership Programs Work?

Pursuing professional development programs like women’s leadership training really do work.

It isn’t always possible to master leadership skills while focused on the day-to-day responsibilities in the workplace. Professional development programs give you the opportunity to take time away from the day-to-day to concentrate on those critical skills you need to succeed.

Women’s leadership programs also give women the space to examine the real world problems they encounter with the help and support of female peers, many of whom have faced similar challenges. Networking, peer support, and a “buddy system” for accountability make this women’s leadership program especially profound.

How Long is This Women’s Leadership Program?

For rising women leaders, this is a five-week program, with five days spent on the Harvard campus in Cambridge, MA. The program kicks off with a virtual module, including preliminary self-assessments and an online workshop, three weeks in advance. It concludes with a one-week virtual module.

Senior leaders will enjoy two days on the Harvard campus, with a networking dinner on the evening before their first session. They will complete an assessment for their program partner in advance of the on-campus programming.

How Will This Women’s Leadership Program Help Me In My Career?

This women’s leadership program will empower both rising women leaders and senior leaders to take your career to the next level.

For rising women leaders, this unique program will give you the skills to become a more powerful, more confident leader.

For senior leaders of any gender, participating in this women’s leadership program will not only offer the opportunity to enhance your own leadership skills, but it will also provide you with the skills you need to advance high-performing team members and create a truly inclusive organization.