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Kevin L. Ball

Kevin Ball sits at a conference room table.

Kevin L. Ball is a seasoned leadership consultant, coach, and trainer with over 15 years of experience spanning a spectrum of industries, from Fortune 500 companies to international players. His expertise lies in facilitating rapid organizational change to enhance overall effectiveness and efficiency, all while fostering happier and more cohesive teams.

A United States Marine Corps Veteran, Kevin has a deep-rooted belief that improving human behavior is the key to solving problems and delivering value. His relentless pursuit of this principle has established him as a trusted figure in the realm of organizational agility. Kevin’s impact extends far beyond his roles; he operates with a curious, empathetic, and active listening mindset, consistently driving superior outcomes for his clients and workshop participants.

In his previous position as Director – Agile Coach at Fidelity Investments, Kevin spearheaded all organizational scaling efforts within Fidelity’s Institutional domain. His profound expertise has made him an influential thought leader in the domain of organizational agility. He regularly conducts professional leadership coaching, podcasts, workshops, and training sessions.

In 2015, Kevin founded Thinking Visibly Consulting LLC, a testament to his substantial accomplishments across diverse sectors. His exceptional track record spans healthcare, biotechnology, aerospace defense, food and beverage manufacturing, and more. Kevin’s impact is deeply felt, not only in the industries he serves but also in the individuals and organizations he transforms. Through Thinking Visibly Consulting, he has empowered industry leaders to navigate complex challenges with poise and efficiency, catalyzing impactful transformations.

Kevin’s work is a testament to his unwavering commitment to driving positive change and fostering growth. His ability to navigate various sectors and catalyze impactful transformations has solidified his reputation as a trusted leader in the realm of leadership development and organizational adaptability. With every endeavor, Kevin aims to leave an enduring mark on both individuals and industries, cultivating a legacy of excellence and empowerment.

Programs Kevin Teaches

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