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Digital Content Marketing Workshop

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In this intensive program, you’ll learn how to engage your target audiences online by developing audience-first content that directly impacts your organizational goals.

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What You'll Learn

Breaking through the noise and connecting with your customers online is challenging. Regardless of their business focus, modern marketers need a strong strategy combined with an arsenal of tools and a keen understanding of their digital consumers, the latest online spaces, and digital experiences that can turn their one-time customers into brand loyalists.

In this intensive digital marketing workshop, you’ll learn to prioritize your strategy to focus on utilizing digital content marketing to accomplish your business goals and objectives. You’ll build a plan to identify and engage your target audiences online with audience-first content that directly impacts your organizational goals.

With your audience at the center of your digital content marketing, you will create a content matrix that organizes the customer journey and prioritizes your content marketing tactics to connect with your audience and execute your strategy. By developing a personalized content scorecard tailored to your plan, you will be able to actively monitor, measure, report, and act on your content success. You’ll be empowered to create digital content that fulfills user intent and fosters a loyal following.

For a broader overview of digital marketing, see our Digital Marketing Strategy program.

Program Benefits

  • Build a digital content marketing plan based on research and audience needs
  • Learn to execute and evaluate your plan using the latest industry benchmarks
  • Gain the necessary tools and tactics in the digital content space to reach your business objectives
  • Engage in hands-on experiences, discussions, and active framework development
  • Earn a digital Certificate of Participation from the Harvard Division of Continuing Education

Topics Covered

  • Examining current digital consumer behavior and developing a brand audience map
  • Leveraging influencers and creating a content strategy
  • Connecting business goals to digital consumers
  • Creating an audience-focused content marketing matrix and customized content scorecard

Who Should Enroll

This program is ideal for entry- to mid-level marketing professionals who want to take a proactive approach toward their digital content strategy. It’s also geared toward industry newcomers or professionals who want to get a deeper understanding in a focused area of digital marketing.

Expand Your Network

With participants from more than 100 different countries and a variety of industries, Harvard Professional Development Programs provide you the opportunity to gain fresh perspectives and unique insights as you learn alongside peers with similar roles who face like business challenges.

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